You can listen to Jessica read her story on Bessie Smith, "Got the World in a Jug," on Bitch Media's Popaganda podcast.

Jessica's essay "The Shame We Carried" was mentioned by Dame Magazine as a Must-Read Longform: "This story, by Jessica Machado at Guernica, opens with her mother’s last words, before wrenchingly unpacking the complicated relationship she had with her, the short shrift women got before the sexual revolution, and the heavy pain of shame." It was also a link of the day at The Toast. 

Her essay "Finding the Magic in Macy's" is featured in "Spent: Exposing Our Complicated Relationship With Shopping," edited by Kerry Cohen and out now from Seal Press, which also published the much-beloved  "Goodbye to All That" anthology. The book also includes work from Ophira Eisenberg, Arn Kyle, and Monica Drake, among others.

Her Frisky essay "On Dating Down" was discussed (quite flatteringly) on Jezebel. 

Her defense of Rob Kardashian, "Falling Behind the Kardashians," for Guernica's American Empires issue was listed as a Flavorwire pick of the day. Writes Angela Lashbrook, "This is not your average celebrity write-up — here, entertainment journalism combines with personal essay to make a truly extraordinary piece."